Below you will find a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t covered, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 02 6651 2002.

Q: How much will 1m3 of material cover?
A: 1m3 will cover 20m2 at 50mm thick.

Q: How much can I fit in my trailer?
A: Generally, a 6×4 trailer will take 0.5m3 of soil, sand or rocks and 0.5m3 – 0.75m3 of mulch.

Q: Should I fertilise before I mulch?
A: Yes. We supply a wide variety of fertilisers including Dinofert, Rocky Point Titanic Organic and other plant specific products.

Q: Is there a mulch that is better in an area where termites are a problem?
A: Yes. Cypress Bark Mulch is naturally termite resistant.

Q: How do I work out how much soil or mulch material I need for my garden?
A: Measure the area – length and breadth. Work out how deep you want the material to be. Multiply the 3 figures and that will give you the cubic metres required.

Q: Is there a difference between tons and cubic metres?
A: Yes. If you need to convert one to the other, ring us and we will give you the conversion rate on that particular product.

Our friendly team can answer any other landscaping questions you might have when you visit us. We have one of the biggest ranges on the Mid North Coast and product knowledge to match.